Sunday, August 29, 2010

i know. ok? i know.

let's call a spade a spade, alright? i haven't sold any more fans since my fantastic night at the party. something happens. something bizarre. on the heels of accomplishment comes a total inability to hit the road again. this is why i shouldnt own an ice cream shop. because as soon as i sell enough ice cream to finish one bin of vanilla, i'd probably close shop and go home for a nap and a naked juice.

also - i'm not taking the blame off of myself in the slightest - but I should just paint a full picture here. It's been rather cool in New York this month. I don't mean like - this is where all the cool shit happens. i mean temperature wise. it's been a bit pleasant - and that's really ruined my market.

though perhaps it was a good warning. everyone asks me what i'm going to sell once the hot wears off. if you believe in opposites, the obvious answer would be to sell personalized mini travel heaters, but a google search for "personal pocket travel heaters" just comes up with a list of recalls - which shouldn't surprise anyone.

but in the meantime - there is supposed to be a heatwave this week. i don't know where. i don't know how. and i don't know when. But I want to sell at least 4 fans this week. A low goal? Yeah right. you try selling just ONE.

I will say - I did wear my I'll Sell You a Fan cutoff shirt to the gym one day this week. I got no weird looks (any weird looks I did get I just attributed to my unique form of exercise that involves dumbbells and hanging upside down on the pull up bar - hello obliques) but I did go buy some food afterwards and the woman who rang me up said "I'll sell you my fan?" then a pause, and then "that's funny." I politely smiled and laughed with her but inside i was thinking - how do YOU know.

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