Sunday, July 25, 2010

2 fans. that's right. 2!

So I did. I went to an alcohol dispensary with my fans. Well here's how it all started.

My friend Jake texted me after reading the last blog entry and asked where I was headed that night.

"To... the bar," I responded. It was this sentence that would have clued anyone in to the fact that I don't go to bars, and to name one off the top of my head would have been completely impressive.

And then this text: "Free Drinks/Food tonight at my friend's bar in West Soho. 7:45-9:15."

Free drinks? Translation: Drunk People. Translation: People who will buy fans. Translation: Money. Translation: Limited Time Reese's McFlurries. Translation: Good idea, Jake.

I packed up my bag of fans and headed down to West Soho with my friend Robert. On the Subway, I made Robert hold a fan as well. I figured if people on the subway saw two people holding fans, there was a much better chance they would not think it was weird. Which may have actually been the case, but we'll never know because Robert, I learned, should never be in charge of selling anything.


Hey - SHUT THE FUCK UP ROBERT. No one is going to be interested in buying one if you yell through the air conditioned underground railroad how horrible the product is. Ass.

We get to the bar, with all of the fans unsold, and we meet Jake. As soon as I walked into the restaurant I knew this was going to be good. Not only were there drunk people, but the air conditioning must have been full on busted because hair gel turned to hair hell in a matter of seconds and the only salt people needed from their margaritas was being produced solely by their upper lip.

Fan. Central.

Jake at the bar: Do you have your fans?
Jake: I'll take one!

And there it was. So natural. So easy. A sale. And not a sale to just anyone. A sale to Jake - Salesman extraordinaire. He could sell cotton to a bunny or a grownup woman to a priest. With him on my team, this was going to be a cinch.

I started off calmly. Just placing a fan on my table and holding one up to my face. There Jake was at the bar showing everyone the fans, talking them up, blowing the air on people. I could read their lips from across the restaurant. "Oh Wow! It really does work! Robert's an idiot and should keep his mouth shut! Everyone should have a fan! Fuck Robert." Seriously impressed, they nodded and smiled. Still more they said - "Ooo. Feels so good. We hate Robert."

Perfect. Jake's at work on these sales - even though i'm not going to give him a dime of the profit. You know what? I'll take a free margarita please.

Beer makes me sad. Wine gives me a headache. Gin makes me warm. Tequila makes me happy.

Mmm - this is good. Make that 2.

Ok so now I'm shit faced. Jake is talking to the same people and they are just mooching off of that fan. Not at all interested in an actual purchase. I finish my Octopus and we leave.

Robert, Jake and I head uptown. A glowing sign. "GELATO ON A STICK." That's not what the sign said - but I was wasted and that's what it should have said cause that's all that they sell there.

I requested a pit stop. We go in, we get some Gelato on a stick which - save your money and just go buy a fucking fudgesicle because everything that cold just tastes like freezer anyway - and there's a group of girls standing around, eating their stick gelato. We go in for the kill.

"It's so hot out, isn't it?"
"Well, we're from Texas."
"Oh my God! Where'd you go to high school?! I'm from Texas!" Shut up, Robert.
"We went to blah blah."
"The blah blah panthers! I went to Stupid. I was a Stupid Idiot."

That wasn't the name of Robert's school, and his mascot was clearly not "The Idiots" but that might as well have been what he was saying because we wanted to sell a fan to these people and he wanted to sign their yearbooks.

"I bet it's always this hot in Texas."

Good save, Jake.

"It is. It's hot there."
"I got this fan cause it was so hot. Feel. Feel how well it works."
"Oh wow. Where'd you get that?"
"Actually - he's selling them."

Jake pointed to me as I drunk gelato smiled and opened my duffel bag to reveal a bunch of fans. And somewhere in those 3 seconds we became creeps to these 4 girls - or - sorry - women (I heard one tell Robert that they were 27 years old - which - "lady" - if that's what your fake ID says you're fucked because that class of '08 sticker on your wallet is very big - and they don't give out Class of '08 stickers when you graduate from doctorate programs.)

The girls sort of clammed up.

"Come on! It's hot out! It's only 3 bucks!"
"We're good!"
"Look! This can be your crazy 'New York' story! You bought a fan in a gelato shop for three dollars from some drunk dude!"

We stood there in silence for a moment as they finished their freezer taste on a stick.

Fan sale fail.

We headed to a bar. I feel like we had another drink before we got to this next bar but I'm not sure. Probably part of this "sell fans to drunk people" plan involves not actually being drunk yourself. But at this point it was too late. My eyes were half shut, my smile was painted on and I was craving buttered toast.

Stumble town.

So I guess a few hours passed and a few drinks as well and we're all sitting at a table and then I remembered the whole point of this was to sell a fan so I turn around and the people right behind us seem like great customers.

"BUY A FAN!" I shout into the oblivious man's face. He was a dermatologist, and after he got over the initial confusion that most people face when I explain what I'm doing, he was uninterested in supporting the arts with his botox money.

And then his friend pulled up this blog on his iPhone. I don't remember his name - when I meet someone I try to say their name over and over again in the conversation so that I don't forget it but the only names I had been saying all night were "Jose" and "Cuervo."

So Jose was reading the blog on his phone and Cuervo the dermatologist was explaining that they have those fans at his office already and I was drunk Gelato yelling the words "3 DOLLARS" over and over again and Jake was fanning himself off and yelling "Come on! Are you serious? It's a steal!" and Robert was being worthless somewhere. Or everywhere.

Jose looked up from his phone.

"I'll buy a fan."

"You will?!?!"

"Yes. But let me tell you - I majored in business and you should really redo your whole business strategy here. What you should really be doing, if you want to sell these fans is--" blah blah blah Jose bought a fan! 3 dollars!

So then I told him to visit the blog and then email me with the business plan cause that actually was probably valuable information but my head was filled with such tequila thoughts that I didn't listen. All I could hear in my head was "Go swimming somewhere! Go buy a dog! Order some chicken tenders!"

We packed up to leave, but as a way to get back at Cuervo for not buying a fan Jake gave some Silly Bands to every person in the bar except Cuervo. And from what I understand, dermatologists love silly bands. So - that was pretty good thinking Jake.

Friday, July 23, 2010

sophomore slump

ok - i know - it's been a few days. don't think that i don't know. i know. but let me just be real with you: i'm scared.

I got such a high from selling that fan- that single fan - that i'm not sure i can handle the impending rejection of hitting the streets again. call it foolish pride. call it a sophomore slump.

there are 3 things worth talking about.

(1) the actual shirt came. the one i ordered. a painful reminder of my grand plans. first of all, it was fucking HUGE. Medium my ass. Medium village, maybe. And "pre-shrunk" - so I'm guessing they put it in the washing machine - and i'm guessing they did it a million times since the printed writing looked like it was the victim of a fucking silly putty ambush.

since i had already put the shirt idea to rest, and i had already ruined a perfectly good hanes-his-way-or-if-you-don't-get-back-in-there-and-clean-the-kitchen-then-you-ain't-my-bitch-no-more v-neck with a makeshift backup, i figured I could try something out with this shirt.

there are these men at the gym that have shirts with no sleeves and no sides. as a member of the academic bowl team starting in the 7th and 8th grade, and a member of the marching band for grades 9-12 (officer, 10-12), never in my life have i had a shirt without sleeves, let alone without sides. but i have matured a bit since my days as a social outcast and may have even developed what generous people would call a bicep. (in comparison to the days of intruder alerts and fire drills, i think i'm fucking ripped, but the people around me have nothing to compare it to. so i stay humble.)

I grabbed a pair of scissors and gave it a shot. Goodbye right sleeve. Goodbye left sleeve. Goodbye fabric down both sides. And hell - why not make it a v-neck since crew necks remind me of priests and priests remind me of bread and gluten is so out right now. And being molested.

Ok - i don't know if the problem was that I did the cutting, or if only certain shirts can become these very exclusives sleeve-less side-less tees (I should stress, I was first chair all four years) - but this shit did not work out. The potato-sack looked like a pillow case turned smock and the shoulders looked like some 1967 sketch of what fashion in the year 2000 would look like. Where was my robot dog and my best friend from Pluto?

And then I remembered, after staring in the mirror with the same grace as one of the old women that model jeans on the 12th hour of the Today show, that it had "I'LL SELL YOU MY FAN" written on it in giant black letters, and that with a sleeve-less side-less tee at the gym, it was sure to be taken as some sort of sexual message. I'm not sure what the message was, but I was just having flashbacks of the 1st-chair-marching-bass-clarinet, academic-bowl-captain who had just applied to be editor of the newspaper standing in Abercrombie and bravely buying the shirt that said "Cunning Linguist" on it because he thought he wrote good lyrics. And then they day that someone explained why they were selling that shirt at Abercrombie, and how he would only turn it inside out and sleep in it from that day forward.

So I took it off. I'm not throwing it away though. Fuck you Robert Peterson. And your fucking Varsity jersey. And your prom crown. Meredith Fisher made out with Seth Franklin on the party bus while you were running in to get her corsage. Bet you didn't know that, did you?

(2) I have left the house with a fan and made subtle attempts at marketing them, but I've already defeated myself in my head and I know it's reading. Yesterday on the subway I held my fan and a man turned to me and said

"ummm -"

and i thought it was about to be another sale, but instead he said -

"my friend is a bus driver and makes $40 an hour."

"oh wow." i said.

then a long silence as I wondered if he was somehow trying to start a conversation in order to buy my fan. but nope. that was it. 3 stops later, we got to 18th street, he told me to have a nice day, and then he penguinwaddled away - right off the train - no fan in hand - no sale made.

actually - i think it's supposed to get very hot today. maybe today. maybe today.

(3) I met my friend Michael for coffee yesterday and he said to me "I was running the other day and I got mad at you cause I thought- How dare Paul think that of me. He's the paranoid one. But I can't think of what it was."

"What? Oh. Sorry?" Is that what I was supposed to say?
"What was it?" He directed inward.
"I don't know - but I haven't sold anymore fans."
"That's what it was! I was thinking - if anyone came up to Paul and tried to sell him a fan, he would think they were trying to kill him and run away."
"And you were mad at me for that thought?"
"Not mad."
"You said "mad."'
"No ---" As if to say "come on."

Then an awkward pause where I wore that face that was like "Yes-huh!" and he wore that face that was like "It's so quiet."

And then-

"I wouldn't think they were trying to kill me!"
"Yes you would," he said. "Or that they were trying to bomb you or rob you or something"

Which - I'll give him that. That could be true. People are crazy!

And then I thought - would I buy a fan from someone myself? If it was 98 degrees, and the humidity was through the roof, would I buy a fan from someone?

And then I remembered ---

One time I was at a bar in the East Village and it was 3 in the morning and I was with a bunch of friends and I was WASTED - we're talking like 2 whole beers here, people - and a garbage truck pulled up outside, collecting the trash bags from the urine ridden street. And as I looked out the window, all my beer eyes could see was the glasses worn by one of the garbage truck workers. They were clear rimmed, and they had lights IN them. Blue and and red lights. and they FLASHED.

"LOOK AT THOSE GLASSES!" I yelled to my friends. They could see how badly I wanted them.

Like Sloth from the Goonies, I launched from my seat and ran out to the street.

Over the 3 AM roar of the garbage truck I yelled to the man "WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE GLASSES?!"

"I sell them!" He yelled back.
In an effort to not jizz everywhere, I contained myself "HOW MUCH!?"

It was like Christmas.


I ran back into the bar and everyone was waiting to hear what I'd found out. "HE SELLS THEM!"

There was a unison gasp.


Every girl reached for her purse. Every boy reached in their pockets. Except my friend Stephen. He's not very giving.

I myself put my hand in my pocket, originally thinking that I had no money- but what's this I feel? What was this magic? Yes. Yes that's right. A 10 dollar bill just waiting there. I wasted no time and ran back outside, waving the ten dollar bill as though he were the Arizona police and these were my papers.

He grabbed a big blue laundry bag from the truck. I gave him the money, and out of the bag he pulled a pair of blinking glasses.

"Do you make these?!"
"Something like that." Which at the time, did not seem like a sketchy response.

I got a quick tutorial, walked back into the bar, and was the happiest man you'd ever seen for a solid 3 minutes before everyone was like - oh fuck it's late I need to go home.

The next morning my room mate and my friend who lives in Queens slash yes you can use our couch woke up around noon and we realized that 10 dollars was in fact NOT a steal for blinking glasses but in stead quite a rip off. I had to make sure to wear them a lot. To get my money's worth.

I know this is a long story and what does this have to do with fans and yadda yadda but here's the translation:

I realized that I am much more willing to buy things when I am drunk.

I'm going to a bar tonight....

Stay tuned....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I. Sold. A. FAN!!!!

Days on the street: I guess 4-ish?
Fans sold: 1

Firework and lollipops it happened.

I'll give you the full rundown - starting yesterday.

I think in my secret sub-conscience, I had given up a bit. Here I was, offering sight to the blind, and they were not having it. So I was thinking - fuck you then. I'll KEEP my fans and be really cooled off and a little bit dry!

Well - a business lesson. If you don't offer something to someone, they'll want it.

Let's start with Lynette, shall we?

I jump on the subway around 2 PM, sweating balls, but avoiding a total soak down through the use of my illsellyoumyfan fan. I motor through the tourists and the assholes to the one available seat, where I - can you guess? - yes thats right. Where I sit down.

A cute blonde girl, who's either a dancer or a European, is looking my way. She smiles, clearly smiling at the fan. Well I do not smile back. I've lumped her in with all of the people who want a fan but had some freak thing happen to them in their childhood where they won't spend three dollars on themselves. And I'm not going to encourage that.

And then her stare, like the cold or silly bands, spreads instantly. Everyone's looking at my fan. It's like the power had gone out on the train and we've all been stuck on it for 32 hours, and we're all starving, and i try to quietly open a package of saltines. That's what it's like.

So then I think - I should have brought some fucking fans with me besides this one. But then I think - I bet this woman next to me (the one in the smock not the one drooling on her calculator) - I bet if she got a taste of this cold air, she'd want one.

So I act like I'm oscillating the fan, trying to hit every part of my face, but I purposefully turn it way past my face so that the air will hit her. And I do this over and over. And act like I have no idea it's happening.

Then -

"Sorry- where did you get that?"
"This? This fan?" I ask, like an innocent - um - person.
"Well - I'm actually selling them."
"You are?"
"Yes! For $3"
"I really don't have any cash on me but I would love one."

Well you're not getting a free fan out of me, lady.

"Well - umm - " I try to think of a solution. Come home with me? No. That's not it. You can order them online? No! Stupid! Think Paul!
"I have a bunch of friends that would want one. Where did you get it?"
"You know - they actually don't sell them anywhere in New York."
"Are you sure?!"
"Yes! I'm sure!"

I was not sure. I just know that they didnt sell them at Duane Reade on 41st and Broadway on my way to that wedding. I kept going -

"I actually bought them online wholesale to sell them to people here."
"That's so smart!"

Finally. Finally.

"But guess what? No one is buying them!"
"Really? Well -- "

And then she went into a speech. A long speech. Something about iPhones and Singapore and ebay and how she made 7,000 dollars and how you should never post on craigslist because it "rains money on eBay" and then something about a 2 for 1 deal on a hair iron thats a flat iron as well as a curling iron, and then something about paying 10,000 dollars to get access to some wholesale factory. I don't know. Iw as just so excitednervous that someone wanted to buy a fan and I didn't want to fuck it up. Regardless of the fact that she had 0 dollars and nothing cents on her. She kept explaining whatever she was explaining. I'm sure my eyes crossed at some point but she was really happy to be talking about it and I had like 2 more stops before I had to get off the train and I know that you're supposed to "keep the customer happy", so I was doing that.

"Well do you have a business card or something?" She asked.
"No. Umm -- I could text you?"
"OK. That works. Cause I have friends in the Bronx that would want a fan. I know it."
"Great. I'm Paul. What's your name?"
"It's great to meet you Lynette."

And then Lynette gave me her phone number. The following is the text message conversation between Lynette and myself:

Me: Lynette! This is Paul the fan guy. Are you going to be in Manhattan all day?

Lynette: No I just had an interview and I was done but wld luv 2meet w/u about biz ideas I saw a lot of wholesale clothes not sure if its profitable but something. To think about send me your link wld like 2ck it out. My email is hope 2hear from u soon Lynette from the train ;-$

Me: Hey Lynette! Hope your interview went well. I'm actually a writer and less of a salesperson - my site is about my adventures trying to sell these fans. So I wouldn't be too helpful at business ideas! But I'd love to get you and your friends some fans if you want to keep cool this summer! Still interested?

"Lynette": interestin I write and act and I'm tryin to develop something about my experience homeless in NYC comin from an upper middle class background

Me: Bye Lynette.

Ok - the reason her name goes into quotes ("Lynette") is because look at that email address. That is the first, middle, and last name of someone who is not named Lynette. That is the email address of someone named Carrie Marie Gold. [note: that's not the email address she gave me - but it's the same idea - the same stupid idea].

Dreams crushed. Maybe it is all for not. So the next day, which is today, I'm on my way down to TriBeCa. Yes that's right. Another hilarious part of this whole fan thing is that the "wind machines" in my apartment do not at all match air conditioning, so for the past week I have been stealing the couch space of friends that do have it. A house in the hamptons - you are seeming further away.

So I'm headed down to my friend's place in Tribeca for the night - it's humid as all balls - and I'm thinking about "Lynette" and I'm holding a fan up to my face and I hear "Does that thing really cool you off?"

"Yeah, actually."

Don't fuck with me dude. I just had my heart broken by Carrie Marie Gold.

"It's so small."
"You're so small."
"It is. It's so small. But it works. Here. Feel."

I held the fan up to his face.

"Oh my! Wow! Look at that!"

The crosswalk switches to the white man on a stroll.

"How much does something like that cost?"

Don't fuck this up Paul. Unsolicited interest.

"3 bucks. I'm actually selling them."
"You're selling them?"
"Yeah - do you want one?"
"Yeah sure. Do you have one?"

I only had the one in my hand. Then I showed it to him. Right there on it, on the label, it says

He laughed and took out his wallet. As I watched him count the three dollars, it all went into slow motion. No joke. I can play the movie right now in my head.

"Good advertising, man." He said as he handed over the three glorious Washingtons.

I handed him the fan. And that was it. Fuck you, "Lynette." And Miss Edie. And crazy Chase bank man. This is what you call a paying customer.

And I'm what you call a business man.

Not a boy.

A man.

I called my mom and told her.

And now for tomorrow.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I didn't do it today

Ok - I didn't do it today - I was PLANNING on going to the free showing of Wizard of Oz on the Pier in order to sell these fans (right? outdoor events? that's better, right?) but I didn't. Brian Beach wasn't available and I'm housesitting for people have Apple TV and I just wimped out.

But here's the fucked up thing -

Today, I was on the subway - no fans in hand - and the door between cars flung open and what did I see? A man, along the same social lines of Miss Edie and Mr. Pizza Oven from Chase Bank, laughing, smiling, with a wad of cash in one hand, and on the other hand? About 200 whistles. This man was selling WHISTLES. And guess what? They were SELLING. Someone bought one in my car. Happily. They didn't even have to be convinced. A dollar was exchanged and a whistle had been purchased in front of my eyes.

I wanted to hit everyone. Who the fuck needs a WHISTLE in the summer? Am I on another planet?

These are fans. They're FANS!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yesterday and Miss Edie

Days on the street: 2
Fans sold: 0
Money made: $3

I'm doing something wrong.

Yesterday I woke up and I went outside and I knew that it was supposed to be legit 8 hot cakes outside but it didn't feel that bad.

and then noon came.

hole. eee. balls.

i decided to try something new: the park. I was there the other week and I was sitting with a bunch of people (who I didn't really know that well) and this old asian man walked by with a cart and they all knew what he was up to and they flagged him down. He lifted the sheet on his box to reveal all of this beer, and all of the people bought cups of beer from him for $5 a pop. and i thought - well if people will by liver poison for 5 bucks a cup, surely they'll by a fan for 5 dollars since it'll last you longer.

so yesterday i headed to the park. but this time i called on my far-more-outgoing-than-myself friend, mr. brian beach. he was to meet me at sheep's meadow at 2:45.

On my way there, I held my fan in my right hand, just as planned. I ditched the shirt. This isn't a fashion company. It's a fan boutique, dammit. The first person I passed as I walked out of my front door:

"Now THAT'S keeping cool" he said, as he used his forearm hair hair to dismiss the classroom full of sweat that had gathered on his forehead.

"You want one?" I stopped in my tracks.


And I put a dash there because this is a weird thing that happens in New York. People, who you are inches away from, start to stop the sound of their words if the other person is a stranger. I do it too. Like if I'm at the gym and someone approaches the same machine I do and they say "were you on here?" - something in my vocal chords shift to go to new york un-invasive stranger mode and i go "no- go- go ahead-" but in almost a baby-is-sleeping and also i-can't-really-commit-to-the-last-sound-of-each-word way. it's weird. i can't explain it. i can only illustrate it with dashes. if you still don't get it, call my cell and i'll do it for you.

"Are you sure? I'm selling them."

"No- no-"

So I walked away.


wasting my time.

On my way to the park, everyone - literally everyone i passed - stared at my fan. No one bought one, but they all stared. I guess, to be fair, I didn't offer anyone a fan to buy, so I can't be upset about that, but I still thought SOMEONE would have asked where I got it.

No matter what, all of the eye interest in my fan was a great omen for sales in the park.

Until there wasn't anyone IN the goddam park.

I found Brian a the entrance to Sheep's Meadow. He was permanently shrugging.

"There's no one here."

(A) We should have picked a weekend. (B) We should have picked a day that wasn't under some sort of health advisory. It was balls fucking hot, people.

There were a few people in the park suntanning. No one told them it was cancer day, I guess.

So I ushered Brian into to park where he approached people while holding a fan and said "You look hot. Want a fan?"

It might have been creepy.

Long story short - no one wanted one.

So we went to go get Gatorade. And we sat on a bench at the food emporium in Lincoln Square and soaked in our sweat in misery.

That was until Miss Edie, a woman who I would have labeled as homeless upon first sight, appeared uncomfortably close to my fan, her eyes locked on the prize.

"Yes?" I asked.
"What is that?"
"It's a fan. We're selling fans. You want a fan?" The words just fell out of me, as my hope had already fallen hours before.

"I can't afford a fan. I don't got money, honey. I killed my husband."

Wait, what?

By this point, the murderer was holding my fan up to her face to cool herself off (she didn't know that it wasn't on, but she basked in the "refreshing air" it produced). She then launched into the details of her life. The death of her mother. The fire she survived, The birth of her still born child that somehow made the front page of the newspaper in Blacksville, South Carolina. And all of these things seemed to happen in 1967. Though it wasn't until I commented "What a tough year" that she realized that that all happened around the same time.

She lives on 64th street in a 5 bedroom apartment.

"How much is your rent?" I asked. I don't condone murdering but I love a good piece of real estate.

"How long have you live there"
"46 years"
"Child bring that number to the floor!"
"$250." she said.
"That's not-"
"An I'm getting my kitchen redone!"

Then she talked about her husband cheating on her in 2001 in their brand new house in Miami. Her words became quite unintelligible, but her diction turned crystal clear when she suddenly offered "and that whole house smelled like sex. it was ruined."

Miss Edie, as she told us to call her, was crazy. She had a mind of loops and hoops. Why didn't we leave? Well it was either listen to the rejokeulous tales of the non-grey-gardens Miss Edie, or go back into that heat where no one wanted to buy the brilliant offering of a battery operated personal pocket mini-fan.

Butever. We were selling fans. I guess we were just as crazy as she was.

Brian and I worked up enough courage to leave. I did, however, get my fan back first.

I then went downtown to work on a project, where the kind-souled sister of a good friend of mine happened to be.

"What'd you do today?" she asked.
"I tried to sell these fans."

I took a fan out of my bag and explained my idea to her and the failure it had been reigning on my soul. Then - realizing that this was someone who did not think that I was mentally in line with Miss Edie - I went in for the offer.

"You want to buy one?"
"A fan? No."
"But it's so hot out!"
"It's awful out, I know."
"So buy a fan."
"How much?"
"3 bucks."

She laughed and got her purse. This was it! Walls start with one brick. Twitter starts with one follower. Multi-Millions start with 3 bucks.

We made the hand off. I handed her her brand new fan, she handed me three bucks!

About an hour and a half later, when she thought I wasn't looking, she put the fan back in my bag.

Those were pity bucks. And I got three of them.

But I have another idea. I do have another idea....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh no this is not good

Days on the street: 1
Fans sold: 0

Ladies and Gentlemen -

It is legit one balls hundred degrees hot outside, and I have returned home from my first attempt with all 10 fans that I left the house with and about 1500 stares.

So many problems -

1 - the shirt. I thought the shirt was going to be a selling point to the fans. Guess what? The shirt was the God Damn star. It's like if Marcel, who was supposed to make Ross quirky, ended up getting ALL of the laughs and then becoming the sixth friend, and goodbye Ross, and years from now people would be like "which one was Ross again?" and someone would say "he was Marcel's owner." And then they'd nod and say the word "right" twice in a row. Almost everyone I walked by read the shirt - and - mind you - it's not even the real shirt! It's literally a Hanes undershirt with "I'LL SELL YOU MY FAN" written on it in Sharpie. The real one hasn't arrived yet. And hopefully it never does.

2 - the price. it's ok to dream. it's not ok to dream and be an idiot. Laying in bed at night, I'd think - as soon as my fans come, I'll sell them and have some cash. I'll sell them for 3 bucks each. That's reasonable.

Next night:

I can't wait for these fans to come. 3 times 100. that's 300. minus the $150 it cost me to get this operation going. That leaves $150. Hmm... Well 4 times 100. That's $400. So yeah - it's really hot out - you know what - i'll sell them for 4 dollars each and be able to buy myself some groceries with this money. that's good.

Next night:

...and so 15 times 100 is - Holy shit! I'm going to be rich!


I walked into the CHASE bank to get my 2 20s turned into 8 5s and the woman behind the desk looked at my shirt, then looked at the fan in my hand and said "So? How much is it?"

"5 bucks"

The she made a face that can only be described as a poop break up face. The face you'd make if someone broke up with you mid poop push.

I had to say something:

"It's only not worth it to you because you're in here all day and you have air conditioning." I said.

I turned around and in line there was a nice man - a bit disheveled. Just getting by. Going for that grungy look. And he was holding out a clean crisp five dollar bill to me.

I panicked. And then I smiled.

"Do you want one?"


"Do you want a fan?"


"I nodded and looked away."


I should note that I'm typing the syllables closest to the sounds he made.

I had to disassociate. If I was the man with the sharpie shirt talking to the man who happens to be waving money and yelling pizza oven over and over, I knew I'd get grouped into the crazy list and no one would by a fan from me.

Well that might just be what happened. He wouldn't leave me alone. I did my best not to entertain him, but it was a lost cause. I opened the gate. He wasn't a 50 year old hipster - he was just a CRAZY man.

So I walked out of the bank and took the subway to the gym cause I had to get this god damn shirt off.

I got the the gym. The woman who scanned me in instead of saying "hello" just read my shirt out loud to me.

"I'll sell you my fan."

"Do you want one?" I asked. I lifted up my hand to show her my fan - thinking I was about to make my millions.

"Ha! No! But I like your shirt. It's hot."

Yes, I know it's hot. That's why I thought everyone would want a fan.

3. Attention. I forgot that I hate attention. Not in a weird way like when someone looks at me I cry. But close. 4 years of acting school has made me detest when people do things specifically for attention. And even though I know that I'M not wearing that shirt and selling fans for ATTENTION, it sure as hell feels that way when everyone's a-starin'.

4. I have an uninviting face.

So tomorrow I've got a new game plan. Cross your fingers. Pictures to come.

The fans are here.

Returned from the Hamptons to find a ginormous box on my front stoop.

here we go...

if you are reading this blog because this blog address was on a fan that you purchased, scroll to the bottom, read the first post for an explanation, and join the fun by following this blog.

a more detailed account to come soon!

Monday, July 5, 2010


For my 4th of July weekend I am doing a field study of my future life. I'm staying with my friends at my friend's parents summer home in the Hamptons and I am sun tanned, fed, tennised, croqueted, swam, and well rested. We did it all. We took a yacht to lunch. We ate a lobster dinner directly on the beach. We played tennis on their private court. And best of all - I didn't pay for a GOD DAMN THING! (except two scoops of ice cream, but it was worth the $7 [hamptons we DO have to talk about your cost of living if this is going to work out]).

the thing is - it's evident that none of these things actually BRING happiness. Purpose brings the happiness. Motivation and doing what you care about brings you happiness. But money brings you a boat and a boat brings you to a restaurant where a host brings you to a table and a waiter brings you the best fucking salmon you've ever had in your life and then you say "fuck i'm happy" so actually - so i guess yeah - ACTUALLY - in a roundabout way - it can bring you... welll .. let's just say it can bring you SATISFACTION. And freedom. But you've got to do what you love, right?

This is some heavy shit right?

I sound pretty level headed right now what?

Well guess what...

I'm fucking WASTED right now. i've had to right click the spelling on almost every word i've typed.

I don't know what the hell I'm talking about but here's what I know - It's 100 fucking degrees in the city tomorrow and when I get home my fans better be waiting for me right there at my front door because daddy's gonna make a fortune in a heatwave like that.

Friday, July 2, 2010

2 things

One. I just ordered the shirt.

And two - if it continues to stay nice and cool and LIVEABLE in this city, I'm gonna be fuckin pissed cause I just bought 100 fucking personalized battery operated mini-fans. This breeze is bullshit. I'll be outside spraying hairspray into the air. It's you against me, ozone.