Friday, July 9, 2010

I didn't do it today

Ok - I didn't do it today - I was PLANNING on going to the free showing of Wizard of Oz on the Pier in order to sell these fans (right? outdoor events? that's better, right?) but I didn't. Brian Beach wasn't available and I'm housesitting for people have Apple TV and I just wimped out.

But here's the fucked up thing -

Today, I was on the subway - no fans in hand - and the door between cars flung open and what did I see? A man, along the same social lines of Miss Edie and Mr. Pizza Oven from Chase Bank, laughing, smiling, with a wad of cash in one hand, and on the other hand? About 200 whistles. This man was selling WHISTLES. And guess what? They were SELLING. Someone bought one in my car. Happily. They didn't even have to be convinced. A dollar was exchanged and a whistle had been purchased in front of my eyes.

I wanted to hit everyone. Who the fuck needs a WHISTLE in the summer? Am I on another planet?

These are fans. They're FANS!

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