Monday, July 5, 2010


For my 4th of July weekend I am doing a field study of my future life. I'm staying with my friends at my friend's parents summer home in the Hamptons and I am sun tanned, fed, tennised, croqueted, swam, and well rested. We did it all. We took a yacht to lunch. We ate a lobster dinner directly on the beach. We played tennis on their private court. And best of all - I didn't pay for a GOD DAMN THING! (except two scoops of ice cream, but it was worth the $7 [hamptons we DO have to talk about your cost of living if this is going to work out]).

the thing is - it's evident that none of these things actually BRING happiness. Purpose brings the happiness. Motivation and doing what you care about brings you happiness. But money brings you a boat and a boat brings you to a restaurant where a host brings you to a table and a waiter brings you the best fucking salmon you've ever had in your life and then you say "fuck i'm happy" so actually - so i guess yeah - ACTUALLY - in a roundabout way - it can bring you... welll .. let's just say it can bring you SATISFACTION. And freedom. But you've got to do what you love, right?

This is some heavy shit right?

I sound pretty level headed right now what?

Well guess what...

I'm fucking WASTED right now. i've had to right click the spelling on almost every word i've typed.

I don't know what the hell I'm talking about but here's what I know - It's 100 fucking degrees in the city tomorrow and when I get home my fans better be waiting for me right there at my front door because daddy's gonna make a fortune in a heatwave like that.

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